The skyknights!

The story so far

A quick summary of the mess you guys made

When the campaign started, the emperor was almost too old to rule, there was a lot of infighting to the north, the empire was crumbling, the heir to the throne horribly ill, the second son trying to take the throne by force and the princess was missing.

Your group went on several missions in which you encountered the mysterious disease known as the contamination. You reinstated trade routes with the allies on the southern continent by convinces a dragon to leave the island. You encountered the rat, one of the starmasters of Ashelia and the order of Ashelia itself. and oh yeah, lets not forget the evil revenant bitch that tried to kill all of you.

you also met the self proclaimed creator of the contamination. However Solarius luminos did not believe the wizard Isaac to be a true mastermind.

Eventually, the skyknights were captured by the inquisition because their order was responsible for the murder of the emperor. They escaped however and fled with Guran to the library of Artella. The peace was shortlived when goblins with junkgliders, scrap planes and kites attacked the library from above. A sky battle ensued and the sky knights emerged victorious.

Not much later another skymaster appeared. The pig! This behemoth nearly destroyed the library. However, Silvar struck him down. Seemingly killing the beast.



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