Tensa Zangetsu


Tensa is from a small village in the north-east of the world, quite a few miles south of the teeth of Velung. Around his 10th birthday he descided to leave his village and dysfunctional family behind and travel the world, discovering new places, old temples and dangers untold. After about nine years he arrived in Kazalya and got a chance to serve in the skyknight detachement after fending off a group of drunk barbarians in front of the royal palace. These barbarians had planned to attack the front gate when they passed Tenga, shouting their plans all to loudly.
Since a year now, Tensa has served loyally as a Wyverin skyknight fora while , with many years to come. Or so we hope

His mother died shortly after giving birth to Tensa. His grandmother, Zora zangetsu, (the seer of the village) preformed a ritual that cost Tensa’s mother her life. His father was a abusive man who never seemed to care, but somehow rose up the ranks in the political world.

Update: deceased


Tensa Zangetsu

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