Dragon emperors

Long ago, during the war of the dragon gods, five unique dragons were born out of the magical and divine clashes between Bahamut and tiamat. When the world soul banished all gods from the world, these five unique dragons remained. At first they fought eachother and the people of the world as they struggled to find their meaning and purpose. Eventually each one of them build an empire.

Khaulhra, the sun dragon
He is depicted as a creature made out of pure sunlight with no less then six mighty wings. On a day many years ago, he found an important leyline. There he build the city of Kazalya which would later grow out to be one of the most influental empires in the world. Khaulhra dissapeared 2000 years ago.

Dunerian, the void
According to legend, Dunerian had no colour. Any who gazed upon him, could lose his mind and stare for all eternity. This did not help him much though as the people he guided and protected, eventually betrayed him and imprisoned him for all eternity. If the story is correct, his mind reached beyond his prison and poisened the rivers and lakes around his city. Thus damning the empire he once built.

Darzuh who invented cruelty
All historians agree that Darzuh must have been a horror to behold. He was a collection of horns, claws and teeth and sometimes appeared to be more a demon then a dragon. It is even theorized that the real Darzuh died in the war of the dragon gods and that this was just a fiend that pretended to be him. There are many tales that tell of Darzuhs cruelty and lust for torture. In the end, Khaulhra, Ordinis and Alcedonia banded together to destroy him and break his empire.

Ordinis, the law dragon
Ordinis is watching. Ordinis sees all. Such is the creed of the people who zealously devoted Ordinis in her empire of Gitt. Ordinis was obsessed with justice and rightiousness and all that could not live within the ultimate laws had to be brought down. Ordinis was the last dragon emperor to dissapear. After she accidently instigated the demon war, she fled. How this was in line with her sense for justice, is still a mystery to many historians.

Alcedonia, the grace of the night’s sky
It is said that Alcedonia had no scales, but a smooth and slender body with a deep azure colour. In her empire, people were free to follow their hearts and had little restrictions. One day a mighty tidal wave swept most of her empire away. Alcedonia herself flew away, never to be seen again.
According to a popular fan theory, an eternal caused the tidal wave. The evidence for this is scarce however.

Dragon emperors

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