Khaulhra guard

The Khaulhra guard are the guardians of the Kazalyan emperor. All of them are dragonborn.

The Khaulhra guard originally defended the dragon emperor Khaulhra before the Kazalyan empire was even created. After Khaulhra created the imperial test and left the empire for an unknown destination, the Khaulhra guard stayed behind and has loyally guarded every empire to sit on the golden throne.

It is said that the training to become a member of this elite guard is among the harschest and most difficult training regimens in the world. As a result all of the Khaulhra guard soldiers are considered to be elite warriors. There are no records about the Khaulhra guard ever losing a single battle. There are however conspiracy theorists who claim that all the losses they had were covered up.

Their symbol is Khaulhra. The dragon emperor is depicted with all six wings stretched out and his neck and tail equally straight; depicting the sun.

Khaulhra guard

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