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Welcome, Brave skyknights! Your empire needs you today more then ever. From here you can find all information that you know or should have known if you had actually asked about it in the first place. Naturally there will be no spoilers. Just a few mean teasers here and there. enjoy!

Player characters
Solarius luminos. Silvar.Bjaern. Tensa Zangetsu. Obor Witherleaf

Non-player characters
Guran. Nivarren the just. Ashelia. Annunnaki Stormwalker. Norbert. Solarius’ family. Silvars family. Bjaerns family.

The count of Drunden. Princess Nydara. Nezima.

Skyknights. Order of Ashelia. Eternals. Starmasters. Dragon emperors.

Main Page

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