The woman known as Nezima is one of the Eternals. She was once the court mage to the dragon emperor Darzuh who eventually cursed her and her twenty servants with eternity.

There are no actual records about Nezima’s true personality and some even doubt wether she and the other eternals even existed at all. She is known as a traito because she created a spell to kill her master. However her motivations were unknown. Some say she was jealous and power hungry. Others say she wanted to kill her master out of revenge. Yet others claimed that Nezima had gone mad after serving her cruel master and did her acts of treachery out of pure insanity.

Depiction in stories
Tales of old and nursery rhymes depict Nezima as a cunning and deceptive creature. More fiendlike then human. She usually lures disobediant children away and curses them. In other tales she seduces naive young men in the guise of a fair maiden. The writer Julier Vetau used Nezima in his book “the cursed empire” where Nezima had killed the empress and taken her place. She devastated the empire for her own amusement and out of boredom. Eventually the mystic Archimus saw through her magical disguise and chased her away.

Involvment in the Great Kazalyan civil War?
During the Great Kazlyan civil war a woman named Nezima appeared before an attendant of the rat named Tobyr and Princess Nydara. It is unknown wether or not this is actually the legendary eternal.

Bjaern Ironbeard received a spellbook that seemed to be entitled to Nezima. Whatever secrets it holds, has not been revealed as the dwarf has not yet read the book. The spellbook has no title on the outside. Just a black cover, laden with scratches, burnmarks and dirt specks. The person who handed this book to Bjaern was the eternal Beirwhen – Oh, come on! The guy was scathed by a lava plume, knocked from a friggin mountain and got back up and only a day later he seemed to lose his trail of thought as he was talking about pain and agony and suffering… Like, you had figured this out right? Riiiiiiiiiight?


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