Norbert was a human Skyknight and temporarily served as an ally to the party. He died in captivity in a camp in Velaa at the hands of a mysterious assailant, together with eight other skyknights

The mass destruction item
Norbert and his party were send to retrieve a magic weapon of destruction that was uncovered inside the silver mines on the Silver Coast. Everything seemed to go fine until the Rat attacked and easily defeating the skyknights. His half orc friend Gronsj was killed, Selena was taken by the Rat and norbert himself wounded.

The party arrives
Norbert was recuperating when the party arrived and as soon as the heroes learned about the hidden serpent temple under the mines where the Rat had probably taken Selena he insisted to join the party on their quest. In the temple they indeed found proof of the Rats presence and descended even deeper.
Norbert fought the animated serpent statues when Tensa Zangetsu was ambushed together with the party. Later, when Obor Witherleaf was bitten by an engineered venomous snake, Norbert left the temple and carried the Warlock out and took him to the hospital.

Battle of Velaa
When Prince Iskaldiër invaded Velaa, Norbert along with most of the skyknights fought in name of the empire to drive the Iskaliër loyalists away. In the end however, he was imprisoned along with eight other skyknights because of the assassination on the empire. While Iskaldiër actually wanted to gather more information and decided to judge the captured skyknights later, there was however someone or something that decided to end the lives of the imprisoned skyknights.

In battle
When Norbert fought alongside the party, he used the veteran statblock.

Original plan
Norbert was supposed to go deeper into the temple with the heroes. Eventually they would have found a treasury where Norbert would be hit by an unknown force. This would trigger a reaction in his body that slowly transformed him into a mysterious creature. The skyknights were to encounter this creature upon several occasions. He would be strugling with his existence and would have remained an ally or turned hostile depending on the actions the players took.
This however did not happen.


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