Princess Nydara

Nydara is the daughter of the late king of the southern isles. Unhappy with the way her father treated her and bitter over her betrothel to an elderly man in the far north she tried to overthrow her father and brothers by poisoning them. One of her brothers died and her father became permanently blinded. This event led to Nydara’s exile.

Journeys to barbaric lands.
The true whereabouts about Nydara’s long journey south remain unknown. In theory she may have visited lands and places almost no one from the known world ever went. What is known though, is that she was eventually captured and enslaved by pirates.

Eventually she either escaped or was marooned on an unidentified island. There she received a fatal sting from a scorpion. She lay dying under the statue of a long forgotten god. While the last of her life ebbed away a mysterious voice called out to her. Not much later she rose again as an undead creature of misguided vengeance.

First revenge
After obtaining an band of superiour half-orc mercenaries/slave soldiers that are totally not ripped from game of thrones, nydara set sail for the capital of the Southern isles; Saltspear. unfortunatly for her, a party of five skyknights was present and they succeeded in destroying her body. Her spirit however moved on to a new body.

Embers falling on dry grass
In the short story Embers falling on dry grass, it is revealed that Nydara took over the body of a girl named Mara and is currently posing as her. Not much later she meets a woman claiming to be Nezima. This woman promised to give Nydara more power then she could ever imagine.

The ritual
While the party travelled through the Azure bell woods, Obor Witherleaf realised this feywood was being drained by necrotic magic. The warlock then infiltrated the camp surrounding the ritual site and found out that Nydara and Nezima were working together for some insane ritual involving several cursed creatures. Too impatient to wait any longer, Nydara activated the ritual. Killing pretty much all life around her and seemingly becoming an incarnation of death and a blight upon the world.

In battle
For the encounter the DM used the revenant statblock from the monster manual with some minor tweaks and added a few spells from the player handbook. She was accompanied by 6 reptillian warriors with the lizardfolk statblock. When slain, these reptiles rose again as undead.

Princess Nydara

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