Silvar is a wood elf Ranger from the Silver coast, a Sky knight from the third circle and one of the player characters and main heroes of the campaign. Silvar joined the group on their second mission.

Silvar is married to the human female Gowein. Together they have two children. The 6 year old Gwen and the 2 year old Gilarin.

Career and adventure
Prior to joining the party, Silvar worked as a guide for ships that had to navigate the treacherous seas and rocks surrounding the silver coast. After the mines on the silver coast ran dry, his town dwindled into poverty. The skyknight administration forgot about him because shit like that tends to happen. Eventually Silvar applied for a third circle position and was dispatched to deal with a dragon tormenting the southern isles.

Together with his new party he convinced the dragon to leave the island alone after helping her son and curing it from the contimination. There was no rest for the wicked though as Princess Nydara returned to the southern island as a powerfull revenant sorceress and the party was forced to drive her off.

On his next mission he returned to the silver coast for a mission regarding three missing skyknights. At this point he learned that the mines never ran out. There was however red silver in the mines, which drives people nuts.

When the inquisition outlawed the Skyknights, Silvar escaped with his fellow partymembers. They fled to the ancient library of Artella which was soon under siege by the starmaster known as the pig. Silvar managed to destroy it with a goblin made missile and almost lost his life himself.


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