The starmasters are twelve powerfull beings that were discovered during the Demon war by the angel Ashelia. They resided within a tablet of jade outside the boundaries of the world. Their true origin is not yet revealed. Its probably not important at all. The starmasters are based on the Deva’s from digimon tamers, who are based on the twelve heavenly generals who are based on the Chinese Zodiac system which practicly uses 12 animals. what a coincidence.

The tiger
The tiger is said to be the most fearsome, most intelligent and most tactical of the starmasters. It served as the commander of the star masters during the demon war.

The pig
The pig is a force of destruction. It was sent by Ashelia to destroy the ancient library of Artella. As far as the party knows, Silvar heroicly killed it with an unstable goblin missile.

The dog
The dog is Ashelia’s attendant. He is able to sense the presense of his fellow starmasters through the earth and can also spot different powerfull creatures this way. There are no records of the dog ever engaging in direct combat.

The rat
The master of metal and bringer of diseases. One of the most noble starmasters. When he receives an order from his mistress, he will carry it out with little regard for his own safety. He defeated Norberts skyknight party with ease and hid a mass destruction weapon in the veil so no one could claim it.

The rooster
This starmaster tells horrible jokes. Anyone not genuinly laughing, is struck with a headache. Nobody really likes him.


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