The skyknights!

Imperial investigation report scroll

The assassination of the emperor at the hands of Nivarren the just and his silver dragon mount was a sad happening. Luckily for all, the great Kai’Lonyra Gnalsed succeeded him and became empress of Kazalya. she was the best thing that ever happened to Kazalya. Everyone loved her. Or did they?

Three weeks had passed. One morning, the empress summoned three Imperial Investigators and gave them a personal mission. The servant Sementha – who actually had a name, but was called ponytail girl for the entire session – presented the investigators Filbur (with his dog Corkie), Tristan the gnome and Harpor Octavitus Vilynium Horseshoepin. There were two cases that needed immidiate attention. First of all, there had been a break in into the personal Imperial Archives and there had been an appearant murder.

Our investigators discovered soon that the victim died from a fall and did not fall down of his own free will. There had been a struggle with an unknown assaillant. While searching the tower with iron determination, the party found some blood, totally missed some other clues and discovered strange rune-like signs that Harpor Octavitus Vilynium Horseshoepin recognized as belonging to the secret language of his order. It made him believe there was someone trying to reach out to the Sons of the sun.

After they concluded their investigation in the tower, they went towards the circle of advisors. As our poor unfortunate murder victim was bodyguard to the advisor Navereen they wished to speak with him. The circle of advisor was very unhappy though, since the party had send Sementha to keep them in their council chamber on orders of the empress.
Navereen however has been in the political game and council for longer then anyone can remember and was not very honest with our investigators. This made Filbur incredibly suspicious about the advisor and in his mistrust he doublechecked (or triplechecked) his story with everyone who had crossed his path.
Another advisor, named Nettlebee gestured Harpor Octavitus Vilynium Horseshoepin and discussed some matters concerning the empress. He believed that the empress was throwing the empire in ruin on purpose. She even – according to Nettlebee – elevated the Crymson Fyre to the rank of grand duchess. The controversial tiefling warlock now rules the western part of the empire with iron fist and is believed to put heavy pressure on the dwarves.

During the next part of the investigation, the entire plannig goes out of the window when the party stumbles into the secret meeting chamber of the Sons of the sun. There they are confronted by Sementha, other members of the order and the culprit responsible for the death of the bodyguard and the breakin into the archives. None other then… The great and indominable Guran!!!!!!!
During this meeting, Tristan is picked up by his ankles, Longname prevents Filburgs dog from biting Sementha and unnamed crosbowman number 5 gets shot. Eventually Guran defuses the situation. he explains that one can only be emperor after a test has been passed and in the archives he found proof that our current empress has no right to the throne and maybe doesn’t even exist. He the reveals Nivarren who explains certain happenings about the night he killed the emperor, where he actually aimed for Lonyra, but some mindtrick switched them around… unfortunatly there is not much time for chitchat as a new envoy arrives, telling that Nettlebee is about to take the test. Which could turn out very bad.

The party heads for the throneroom where they confront the halfling advisors. In their struggles though, Filbur is shot through the heart (in the heart actually, but Bon Jovi lyrics sound more awesome) by a deflected arrow. He falls on the phoenixpainting on the floor, accidently triggering the test. Unfotunatly he fades away and his soul is added to the burning feathers of the phoenix.
meanwhile, Sementha, Nivarren and Guran arrive in the throne room through a secret entrance. Tristan and Harpor Octavitus Vilynium Horseshoepin apprehend Nettlebee.
At that point the voice of the empress sounds through the throne room. She is happy that the culprits are found. The intruders are bigger fish then she expected. When she orders her investigators to arrest the trio, they refuse. When the empress threatens them, Guran says that he actually plans to escape and fly away. When the empress gloats that they don’t even have a mount, Sementha assumes her true form – Nivarrens silver dragon. From hidden spots bolts are fired towards the group, now shielded by dragon wings. Thrashing around and spewing her cold breath, Sementha provides the opportuniy for the heroes to mount her. Then the dragon rips right through the ceiling, claws her way up the ninth tower and flies of to the horizon.



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