Gendry was exiled from his village when he was 14 when he started showing signs of posessing strange powers. Not even his parents tried to stop the rest of the village as het was violently driven away. After this he wandered around the land, slowly learning to contol his powers. His magic and his shifting powers growing as he became older. Despite his affinity and respect for nature, he alway felt a strong pull towards the civilised world, wanting to be around other people once in a while. But of course he also pulled back into nature for extended periods of time. Turning into a Dire wolf and other creature and living off the land.

At one point in his young life, Gendry came across an abberation, that of course could not be left alive, seeing as it is an unnatural being. After an awful and exhausting fight, where Gendry nearly lost his left eye, the abberation was slain. Leaving Gendry with a scar across his left eye.

Around the time he was 20 he decided to join the Skyknights. This because of the close interaction with animals, the possibility to explore much of the nature and animals around the world and so he could protect both, as well as try to maintain peace in the world. Because war always brings destruction.



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