The skyknights!

Session 7 report scroll

Angels and demons.

After an allready way to short night, our brave heroes awoke early to the sound of dwarves having an early drinking session. While preparing to continue their travels to Rez-Ny-Arac, the party noticed their prisoner Annunnaki Stormwalker was terribly ill. Tensa Zangetsu discovered that there was a safeguard curse that triggered after the domination power cast on him by Ne…. someone! was broken. Obor Witherleaf tried to save his fellow skyknight but was unable to do so.

After giving Stormwalker a proper burial, the skyknight and the dwarves continued their way. They entered a backwater part of the empire where giant vultures scoured the skies. Our heroes spotted a bridge where two villagers were beset by drow mercenaries. The party stepped in to save those poor sods, but they were not alone. From the realm of awesomness came a new skyknight who went by the name of Gaige and while this seems nigh impossible, this meant that we actually had a human in the party! Weird right?

After saving the villagers, the skyknights agreed to come with them to their campvillage hybrid. On their way they came by a burned out farm and its charred inhabitants who were placed on pikes. The word “obey” was written in black, cindered letters of death and destruction and such. The party found out that this part of the land was now ruled by a tiefling who only called herself the Crymson Fyre. As not even a single person seemed interested in why she did not use her own name, that topic remained unadressed.
The skyknights then brought down one of the vulture riders. A mercenary working for the flaming amarant, a mercenary guild hired by the Crymson Fyre that was led by Victorius Angus better know as the oathbreaker.

The skyknights made their way to the camp which turned out to be the nameless village Autumnleaf where the order of Ashelia settled itself. Unlike previously they were not hostile at all. Soon the party was brought to Ashelia herself. The warangel explained her story and told the heroes that the starmasters had betrayed her and assaulted her. Leaving her with serious injuries. She also requests the skyknights to help them with taking down the Crymson Fyre, before she loses herself again in madness.

Then captain Viron from the order of Ashelia explains the near impossible plan to infiltrate Caer Dainwald. The execution of the plan involvedGaige hanging over magical laser, Solarius luminos havin a duel with the oathbreaker and eventually the assault on Caer Dainwald which ended when our heroes cornered the Crymson Fyre and brutally murdered her without a hint of remorse. Thus ending the session.

Behind the screen:
Had the heroes completly messed up the infiltration, Ashelia would have swept in to save the day and would have died doing so.

Stay tuned for session 8: A clash of princes.



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