Crymson Fyre

The Crymson Fyre – born under an unknown name – was a cruel tiefling warlock who after years of being discriminated rose in rank through the higher circles of the magi academy. She decided that to be taken seriously, she had to be harder then steel. During the great Kazalyan civil war, empress Lonyra appointed the Crymson Fyre Grand Duchess of the western part of the Kazalyan empire.

Ruling the west
Under her rule, the villagers were subjected to a tyrant. She demanded nigh impossible tax rates, made the city of Barbur revolt and brought up a blockade between the dwarves and her lands and greatly insulted their prince. It was theorised by Ashelia in the 7th session and imperial councilmember Nettlebee in the imperial investigation one-off that the Crymson Fyre did this on purpose and that the current empress, if not a greater power is trying to make the empire crumble.

As it goed with tyrants, they get overthrown eventually. A band of skyknights allied with the order of Ashelia to bring the crymson fyre down. The tiefling made her last stand within the amber room of Caer Dainwald. It wasObor Witherleaf who ended her life with an extremely powerfull eldritch blast.

In battle
During the fight the Crymson Fyre had acces to a fire ray, a ball of fire, eldritch tentacles, counterspell and charm person. her statline was loosely based upon the character Vannifer from the princes of the apocalyps.

Crymson Fyre

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