Originally a celestial servant to a unspecified deity, Ashelia entered the world in the final years of the Demon war. Being a war angel she led a large celestial legion of angels against the ravenous demons who had grown to dark, twisted and powerfull to be handled by mere mortals.

During the battle of the blazing sky, Ashelia was badly wounded in battle with the feared pale one. She fell to earth and was later found by a farmer who nurtured her back to health. In a strange twist of fate, they fell in love. A love that would not last for long.
For reasons unknown, the farmer claimed that Ashelia was actually a demon in disguise and had her arrested by soldiers who took her to the last standing fortress of the empire of Gitt. She was placed in the dungeon, where she would remain for half a century.

Through means no one really knows yet, Ashelia escaped from her prison. Not much later, she founded an order dedicated to creating a stable and perfect realm of mortals as clearly mortals were not able to do so themselves. She appears to be taking advantage of the current chaos surrounding the empire of Kazalya and even contributes to it as much as she makes efforts to protect the innocent people caught in the crossfire.

While she herself has not visually appeared before the party, Ashelia’s name has been frequently dropped to the party by members from her order, the Starmasters and other sky knights.

Relation to the skyknights
Ashelia seems to have special hatred towards the skyknights. This is reflected in the members of her order who refuse to do business with skyknights under any cirumstances. The reason for this is unknown. However, The Rat could have told the party something about the reason if they had asked him. Asking him why the white robes of the order stayed so clean was waaaaaay more important.


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