Lord Kai’Guranius Zerranim is the youngest son of the youngest sister of the late emperor and currently either 34th or 33th in line of the imperial throne. He is a Skyknight, ally and sometimes annoyance to the party. He seesms to like showing off. Especially when it annoys Tensa Zangetsu.

Meeting the party
When the party returned from their second mission, Guran reclessly flew past them. He claimed that he knew what he was doing, but eventually landed himself a duel with Tensa Zangetsu which he won with ease.

The fourth mission
Guran joined the party on their mission to escort the noble Isaac to the Founding ball. This ended in a nightmare when Isaac unleashed the contamination on the partygoers and lured the player characters into the cahpel to confront them with his mindstem. During this time, Guran was dealing with a minotaur brute Isaac smuggled to the party.

Escape from the inquisition
Guran fled with the party to the library after the inquisition outlawed the skyknights. He currently still resides with them.

On the surface Guran sports a cocky attitude with a hero complex. Most of this seems to be a ruse though, as in time of need, Guran is an expert combatant both with swords and his fists and he is a great tactician.


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